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Most people take two capsules twice daily or four capsules each morning. Personally, I take four capsules each morning and 0-3 more later in the day depending on how I feel. I have some people who report 2 capsules a day works for them. I formulated them so you can safely take up to 12 in a day without exceeding dosage guidelines for any single ingredient, however I’ve taken 12 per day and didn't see any additional benefit over 6-8 per day for me.

ViTelometry uses a size 00 capsule, which is on the larger side. It can be opened and added to a smoothie, juice, applesauce, coffee, etc... Be aware that if you open capsules the potential increased energy effects can come on faster and I would start at lower dose (1 capsule 2X/day) and increase after you know what to expect.

After you choose checkout, it directs you to PayPal, where you either pay directly or at the bottom of the page choose to use a credit card. After purchase it should go back to the ViTelometry website and ask you to complete the order. You should get a confirmation email with your package tracking number if your order goes through. We have seen people have an issue using a Microsoft browser. I suggest using google chrome or Firefox as your browser then try to make the purchase.

Fresh squeezed lemon is the only pure anionic food known to mankind, which helps disperse particles and create more energy from your food, while stimulating the liver and normalizing bile pH. I've done YouTubeshows talking about it. To answer your question, no you don't have to take the product with fresh squeezed lemon, but I believe it works better when you do..

ViTelometry is not a multivitamin and is perfectly OK to take along with a daily multivitamin, as a multivitamin is intended to prevent deficiencies in various vitamins and minerals..

There is limited data on known drug interactions with any of the ingredients in ViTelometry other than Ginkgo, which has platelet inhibiting activity and can theoretically interact with blood thinners. The activity of ginkgo is believed to be less than an aspirin, which is commonly prescribed with various blood thinners, but either way if someone is taking a blood thinner they should be aware of this possibility and introduce ViTelometry slowly and observe for increased tendency to bruising, which would warrant a decreased dose or to discontinue..

Additionally, there are arguments in giving natural substances to people with auto-immune conditions. So, if you have an auto-immune disorder we can only recommend you talk to your doctor before trying ViTelometry, which I'm sure any traditional MD will suggest avoiding it. I have several clients with knownauto-immune disorders that have tried ViTelometry with positive benefits in energy and focus without any negative reported effects; however, at this time we can only suggest you talk with your doctor.